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I just wrote a post, an elaborate post, it took me a while to formulate my thoughts and then dress them up with all the trappings of my customarily razor sharp wit. While attaching a picture of a beautiful field, WordPress CRASHED, leaving no trace of said post. NOT EVEN A DRAFT. Over an hour of brain busting and vigorous keyboard tapping, gone. GONE. There are no words in the English language to effective convey my ire. There are some in Russian, but I am, regrettably, a lady. I will say, I damn near cried. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Anyone else have this experience?



  1. I have never lost an entire post, but I have had it crash in between edits. It’s very frustrating to lose your writing, no way of ever getting it back exactly right! I feel your pain. And btw, great blog. No need to conform to “blogging” rules as you mentioned in another post. I know I don’t:)


  2. I second the notion of pre-writing. I try to mostly formulate my posts offline and then past them in… and tweak things a little on a final re-read before submitting.

    I haven’t had WordPress go on me… but I have lost internet in the middle of a submission, and a couple of times have had power glitches here and had my computer reboot. So, save early and often is a good mantra to repeat when working on something important.


  3. yep had it happen! Best to write in Word doc or text file and then copy/paste into WordPress. If you go to Dashboard, then All Posts, and look next to the “published (####)” for DRAFTS (##) – if you are lucky they auto-saved it before refreshing your screen and wiping out your post. Still I don’t trust their new draft area on a post after losing stuff – so I write in my own file and then copy to WP. Have fun!

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  4. Well, actually no. It never happened to me and I don’t wish it to happen, because this may result in me smashing the keyboard or something :D. I believe wordpress always saves an autodraft! It’s a strange case that you have mate!

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