Blogging for affection..or..How to avoid the cat vomit curse!

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IMG_7311.PNG if it’s not entirely obvious, I am new to the blogging endeavor. My original intention was to write for myself and for relief. I am afflicted, like many others I’m sure, with the trouble of excess thinking. Blogging presented an attractive avenue for relieving that pressure in my head, which gets built up by thoughts, feverishly multiplying with no regard for the spatial limitations of my dainty, girly cranium. Blogging whatever, whenever, but on a daily basis, seems also like a good writing exercise and a fun distraction not without therapeutic value.

Furthermore, I had devised a theory, that blogging every day could be a gateway mechanism to writing every day. It is simple enough right? To date, my creative process has been exclusively governed by fickle caprices of inspiration. I have been wholly at her frantic whim. What better tactic is there for revolt, than the establishment of a writing routine. If I could only form a daily ritual of writing, develop a habit, then maybe I can be free from inspiration’s mercurial clutches and finally finish that cursed book I’ve been writing for over five years. This was the plan, it was a good plan, until I started receiving the occasional “such & such has followed your blog” email. Those I did not anticipate, neither did I foresee the regrettable effect they would have on me. Suddenly I am confounded with the shameful realization that I want more of those emails. I thought I wouldn’t care about that element of blogging, the audience, but in all honesty, I find that I do. It has come as a surprise. It runs quite contrary to my Misanthropic conformation, presenting with the potential for a full-fledged identity crisis. Oh ok, ok, so I am exaggerating, not a full-fledged crisis, I am not that brittle, but it is very troubling. I now seek the approval of strangers?! Is that a pig soaring through the atmosphere?!

Suddenly I find myself concerned with such things, as whether the randomness of my writing runs counter to my new ambition of having/gaining readers, readers who “Like” “comment” and generally participate. Do I need to pick a lane? What is my ambition exactly anyways? Do I want all the readers I can get my hands on or do I want to reach and resonate with those who are most like myself e.g. the misanthropes, the misfits, the over thinkers, the creatives, the hermits? Trolling around WordPress this past week, I have found that lots of bloggers talk about the importance of a consistent blogging tone and subject, they even apologize to their readers if ever they opt to change their writing style. God knows that won’t and can’t be me. I will always reserve the right to unapologetically rant about whatever, whenever, however. Does that mean that I won’t be successful at finding an audience? Oy. Additionally, I wish bloggers who are about some kind of marketing, SEO or otherwise, would STOP “Following” me. I will not follow them back or subscribe to their services. It is a deceptive and intrusive practice and I completely hate it after just a week of my stay in the Bloggisphere. It is SPAM!

Bottom line is, if you read to this point, then obviously you find my prose irresistible, so you have to “Follow” my blog, OR ELSE….or else your cat will get a serious case of upset stomach and throw up partially digested mouse parts all over your house. A pungent stench of catguts will indelibly permeate your residence, forcing you to move out and decreasing the value of your home by at least 40% from its current market value…..or worse, rendering it entirely unsellable. That would be a real shame wouldn’t it? No one wants that to happen to you, less than I. ;P



41 thoughts on “Blogging for affection..or..How to avoid the cat vomit curse!

                    1. Hey, we all have our limits. Whoever can just talk about themselves like that. I mean I am awesome. I am very smart in a certain ways, and not at all in others. I don’t relate well to most people, but very well to seldom few. I am conflicted, burdened, my background is not ordinary but not so dramatic as too make for too good a story, I got a monkey on my back and hole in my soul lol, it beckons that i stay up all night trying to fill it, grieving, self medicating with tv and strange people on wordpress who complain about common sense safety laws. ;D you’ll have to just discern the rest all on your own. I’ll expect a rough draft by end of week


                    2. true dat. I hear you, you aren’t up to the task. It surely is important to know your limitations. 😛 what about you? mr Brown university. Care to offer a synopsis since my earlier attempt to disengage from this inanity obviously failed.


                    3. Well, I slept on it,
                      and I have come up with my advanced conclusions based on the data available,
                      along with taking into account various a-priori judgements made on the spur of the moment,
                      as well as psychological profile techniques and other stuff.

                      I got nothin’.

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  1. This was a timely post, so I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog… I was at a public event last weekend where I had the opportunity to promote and talk about my own blog and the comic strip I write for it. The blog I write is meant to grow and meander and have things added to it as I think of them. Some things I might do more of if people like them, other things I might do less of if people tell me they don’t like them… but as I told people in person, the comic strip I am doing is as much for me as anyone. I hope people like it, at least sometimes, but I plan on doing it as long as I have ideas for it because it is mine. It might not be the thing that gains me fame and fortune… but it is the first thing I decided to do when I decided to blog, and it is worth the effort even if I’m the only one laughing some days!


    1. I am so glad it resonated with you. Your response resonated with me. Thank you for contributing. After i wrote that post i decided definitively that I shan’t let my desire for “followers” affect the direction or style of my blahblahblah-ing. My original intention was to do this for ME, and I am not for everyone, and that has always been ok, so why would that change now. I grappled with follower fever for a second there, but have come out on the other side unscathed. I think it isn;t ‘followers” that i want, but just people/readers who understand. That is a natural impulse, and i’ll do it a disservice if try to cast a wider net. :P….so what’s the idea with using the same picture over and over in your blog strip?


      1. I must sometimes still think about followers in the back of my mind… because the other night I dreamed I had 30 followers. I have 29, so that’s why the odd dream of 30… you’d think I would dream of 300 though… but my subconscious apparently doesn’t work that way.

        I do change the scenery on my comic strip sometimes… I have a few different settings… but the concept is that it’s always from “my” point of view, so you see what I see in front of me.


      2. Yeah… I once had an idea for a cartoon where the main character would only ever be a shadow. I test-cased it and about half the people wanted to know “where is he” “what does he look like” and said “you have to show him”… so I went full-on and omitted the shadow too, no character at all!

        But, I did realize going in… there’s about zero opportunity to market this particular cartoon… because it’s really prose masquerading as cartoon, without identifiable characters. That’s ok, though.. part of it is mental therapy and exercise… another part is “getting out there” sticking my head up and seeing if people notice.

        I’m working on other things that (literally) have more character, and the plan has always been to start peppering those things in at some point.

        I don’t want to hijack your blog to talk about me though 🙂 It’s refreshing to find someone that seemed to be thinking a little bit of what I was thinking at nearly the same time.


        1. Its not s highjacking if i’m driving. You’re pretty weird, lol, thats my favorite kind, the cartoon is seriously bizarre to me, your commitment to
          A cartoon that cant really
          Be marketed as one is fascinating! I would be interested in seeing a shadow cartoon! The mystery if what the characters really look like seems like a great draw foe the fringier audience such as myself.


      3. The dream at short last comes true… the prophecy fulfilled! Thank you for following me, though I suppose it’s easier for you on horseback. I have to follow everyone on foot 🙂

        I have two versions of the shadow-people floating in my head. One is straight-up shadows of people and animals… the other is essentially a puppet show of hand-shadows. I’ve also been thinking of posting some prose, short-story type stuff.


      4. I suspect my shadowy world will not be as high-brow as the allegory of the cave, nor teach as interesting of a lesson. I’ll definitely be aiming a bit lower 🙂 The blog in part was to be a kick in the pants, as I see you essentially alluded to earlier in your blog… something to get me in the habit of producing new content intended for others. I have lots of ideas in various stages of development, but without an outlet there was no incentive to develop them further. Now I have a home for my weirdness and my (sometimes) intellect, and I think that shall make all the difference in helping me to create other things that might still be me but will also be a marketable me.

        I also stand by my statement in my About Me page… that part of it is about connecting with others in some way, whether it is something funny or smart or stupid.


    1. Ha! Well thus far i’d day this post got less love than ANY other!!!! So perhaps trying to twist the venerable arm of the wordpress community is a losing proposition! Thanks for visiting, Laura! Love the platapuses! Did you know that males have poisonous stings in the back of their legs, and that they are the egg laying mammal? Lol



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