24 thoughts on “On Me

  1. PS Your profile statement is aaaawesommme. You wrote as much as I normally would if I didn’t fear the mass crowds of ADHD and the like. So, I kept my profile petite here. But, I write at length in many of my posts:P It’s up to the reader to decide if they can handle that. I still want people to understand me, though.

    I love a woman who likes horses:)

    However, I am a candy squirrel who stashes it for years rather than pig out and risk my precious teeth. I’ve had my share of dental work. And, I detest hospitals of any kind. Nor do I favor police stations as I feel I was a thief in a past life…maybe even Catwoman (though I am a heterosexual guy). If you’ve got a problem with raccoons, it’s probably a litter/trash bin matter. That or you upset the balance of nature:P You live and let live yet suffer impatience. I am not so tolerant of other lifeforms yet I have been forced to learn a great deal of patience to put up with those around me and survive. Thus, I go without far longer than anyone I meet…in many areas. So, when they complain how long it’s been since they…I could cry. And, they prod me to death wondering why I would go without. Wait. What? Drugs are cool and rock is bad? Now, that’s messed up. And, sorry to tell you, I do eat meat because I think I was given canine teeth for a reason…and I’ve seen what’s become of some who went vegetarian. If I had someone who could cook vegetarian well every week–and no tofu–I might be willing to give it a go. Til then, I can live without just about everything except lunch meat, hamburgers and pepperoni pizza. You can take away the steak, chicken on the bone and just about any other animal product…although I do like lamb gyros, too. But, I can share an eggplant lasagna with you that’s sent from the gods.

    Let us be happily sober and intellectually hip together:)


    1. I’ll wager this is the longest p.s. In the Hostory of P.s.
      You shouldn’t be so fearful, but that will sort itself out with age..or therapy.
      We all want people to understand us, well not all, but most.
      Your canine teeth argument is asinine, read about it, herbivore animals have these teeth also, and if we as a species leaned on our biological development for moral clarity, well then the world would devolve to a point where nerds like you or I would hardly stand a chance of survival..in your case seems procreation too 😛
      As for this “together”, you’re coming
      On a lil strong, and lamentation about that “without” are falling on
      Def ears here, as that’s what hookers are for. But if it Makes you feel better i went “without” for spells of time in my
      Youth, then i found the love of my life, and all was right with the world.


      1. Hostory?:P

        Age or therapy?? I’d say I’ve sufficiently faced both and benefited little from them.

        Whoever doesn’t want to be understood is probably bent on world domination. Adolph Hitler started out wanting to be understood. Then, when that didn’t work, he turned to making people fit his mold or die/suffer for not.

        I can’t think of one herbivore with fangs. But, I know humans are a “mutt” of nature. We’re a mix of species, not purely apes. And, I know some monkeys that eat meat, so… I think we’ve lost our roots, so we can’t be sure what parts of us are which. Thus, some of us might favor veggies while others need or, at least, crave meat. Just as vampires and zombies each do their thing:P

        I am humbled by the thought of killing another creature for food. But, even the Native Americans made peace with that, and they were a noble people in my mind. It’s the latest “white bread” version of humanity that has developed this “germaphobia” about killing animals. We’ve lost our ways with hunting for what we need like other animals. If you are going to respect other animals, then you should join them. Get in touch with your primal roots. But, as long as we don’t do that, anything goes, and you’ll find yourself at odds with plenty of rebels.

        We’re not all giraffes, you know:)

        Def ears? You’re related to the man known as Mos Def?

        I didn’t specify the withouts, did I, Miss Assumesmuch? I’ll let the hooker jab slide for now. I’ve met a hooker online, actually. Interesting stories that one told.

        Ah, so your journey is complete then, ay?

        Then I am speaking rather aimlessly, aren’t I…


        1. Using my phone, causes typos, dont be so pedantic, especially
          Consider the numerous crimes against english language you’ve thus far committed just talking to me!
          Everyone craves meat, i know i do, but it is wrong, and thats the point, we are not animals governed by animal laws, we are moral beings. I dont want to get into this discussion actually, your original flippancy on the matter drew me in, i am not aiming to convert you.

          I am not sure how my journey for love being complete connects to your aimless speaking. This isnt match.com, i thought
          People talked here just to talk, connect, inspire.


          1. Ah, the not so smart phone dilemma:)

            Me? Crimes against English? Thou doth protest:) It is I who judges others as foul users of grammar, mlady. I am not the crook.

            It is wrong. Psh. How short-sighted without considering the variables. It’s just as wrong to ban it as it is to waste it. I am moderate. I am an omnivore who has cut back on his meat consumption. I know at least one who tried to be a complete herbivore who became deathly ill. Her doctor even said she was suffering from a lack of nutrients that could only be provided by meat. She could not fight a certain infection nor heal from an injury. So, she was “forced” to intake a little meat.

            Okay, so we place ourselves above other animals as “moral beings”…and what becomes of all that “height”? Egotism. Vanity. Power-hungry violence and abuse of fellow human lives. Neglect for materialism. These are the virtues of a moral being? We are no better than our animal brethren. In fact, I’d say we are worse and the very reason no alien species wants to visit with us or approve our space exploration.

            Nor would you succeed in converting me. But, like I said, with the right cook, I am willing to try going vegetarian:) I’d consider it another adventure. But, I won’t ignore my primal instincts if they differ, either. I think I do well enough not polluting the world as best I can. And, I resent not doing more to make use of the dead like the natives once did. I should be toting a bow and arrow and hiking the fields for my food. Not debating the potential health risks of a local grocery store lot.

            Well, yes, we may connect or inspire. But, you made it seem like I was hitting on you and that you had “made your bed”…and, if I was making any remote attempt at something romantic, well, I am willing to admit I was being foolish. It’s the impulsive romantic in my nature…though I am terrified of approaching almost anyone in public.


            1. Hitting “ignore” on the animal discussion. But please dont bring up some singular near dead vegetarian you knew, bodies and practices differ, i can bring up a thousand vegetarians who are healthy as oxen, its a moot point all around.
              I made it seem? No i didnt you weren’t being crass but i dont think
              I misunderstood your suppressed hope. And i made my bed? Err i did and now i happily sleep in it with the love of my life.
              I appreciate your self deprecating romanticism, i half expected you to
              Get defensive, i needle to test good nature in people, you passed, if i were not “finished w my Journey” i would respond to it positively.
              This last comment is much better written and thought out, glad to see you’re pulling yourself together 😛


              1. So, you’re decisive like that, are you? If it’s a “futile” debate with two stubborn opponents, click the trendy IGNORE button:P

                Well, I honestly don’t meet many vegetarians, myself. But, the other one I do know–a friend of my parents–does not look to be in the best of health, either. But, as you say “live and let live” I leave each to their chosen paths of survival and happiness. I just won’t likely agree with most:P

                What’s to appreciate about “self-deprecating romanticism”? That just sounds pathetic. I don’t need pity.

                I also don’t need someone grading my intellect:P


                1. I am decisive like that, but it’s not a matter of stubborn opponents, A) it’s not a debate to be had via phone B) i don’t know you or your capacity for accepting those ideas which run contrary your life long habits, so i don’t want to waste my energy C) a lot more goes into this than can be squeezed into a thread. If you care to have this debate, then plz wait for my Why thou shan’t eat animals Post and there we can go crazy.
                  I don’t pity you one bit, quit being such a man. I am telling you it’s appreciated, take it and be glad for it.
                  As for my grading your intellect, you might not need it, but your needing is not a factor in my doing it. so deal.


                  1. It’s not a phone. You are using a computer with keys insufficient for your fingers:P

                    Nor do I know you any better than what I see and read. In that, we are almost even. I just don’t show my face on a public page.

                    Oh, we surely waste plenty of energy regardless in this material world. Some of it is trial by error. And, without error, we wouldn’t know what is right, probably. This coming from a dying perfectionist.

                    Or, you could bring your debate/s to my chat cafe:) That’d sure get the balls rolling.

                    Being a man? I’ll take that as a compliment as few seem to judge me a man. But, if I was compared to some of the lunkheads I’ve met in my lifetime, I suppose that’d be an insult.

                    Nope. There is nothing to appreciate about it. It makes no sense to use that word. I’d rather think you are not bothered or affected in any negative way by what I said. You are understanding, perhaps. But, appreciative? I don’t get it. It sounds like I am Conan Obrien here for your amusement.

                    Oh, I am dealing…as I regularly must do.


                    1. “SHowing my face” i can’t tell if it’s a dig, i show my face as it’s only a face and i like it. it doesn’t tell anyone anymore of who i am than you cartoon avatar.

                      as for energy, yea we share plenty, but i try to stop the bleeding where there is not hope of a pay off.

                      I don’t bring debates anywhere, i bring my opinions into my blog, the debates bring themselves.

                      You can think whatever “you’d rather”, i told you how it is. I didn’t say i was amused, I expressed that i like it. I am not sure why the point keeps being hammered, i do sense that you could grow in the way of self confidence. no offense.

                      how old are you.


                    2. If it was a “dig,” I’d like to think I would have made it clearer. I was merely saying all that I can presume is genuine about you is the face I could see. The rest is open to opinion and the potential for skewing or silliness. So, even the face could belong to someone else for all I know. It’s happened before.

                      And, on that note, I get this feeling we’ve met before on another site where you showed that drawing and we had this snit.

                      Who’s bleeding why?

                      No,you said you appreciate it. Not, “I like it.” And, even that doesn’t feel right.

                      I’m probably older than you. I’ll leave it at that.

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  2. You mean that’s what you look like when you swallow your magic crystal and say the secret mantra that turns you into…(your super name here). 😀 I used to draw characters like her quite regularly a few years back. Nowadays, I’ve been into faux advertising and fantasy adventure images.


      1. I’m Keifer Sutherland saving the world in a day?:P

        Faux advertising is advertising that’s contrary to what you see in TV and magazines. For instance, an ad you see might make a candy bar look exciting and new. But, to me, the new candy bars have none of the fun they once had. So, I make an ad for an UNsize candy bar instead of FUN size. Or, what’s the downside of everything Disney. You might compare it to your “dark, politically incorrect” mentality.



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