Chapter 5: When things got weird


Ch 5

             It was impossible not to stare at them. A small girl of nine or ten with her right hand firmly planted on the back of a mangy skeletal hound was slowly crossing the street. The dog was enormous, almost as tall as the child and, judging from appearance, in a truly pitiful state of health. It was thin and gaunt, with ribs prominently displayed through paper-thin layer of ashy skin and a sharply protruding spine beneath patches of strange grey fur. It was either very old, very sick or both. On the contrary the little girl brimmed with health. Her skin was pink, almost peachy; wispy auburn hair covered her shoulders in a cascade of curls, she moved her tiny feet pointing her toes, like a little dancer. Even from a distance I could see her bright eyes shining like tiny ambers from beneath long thick eyelashes. The duo had such a peculiar quality to them that even I, in my state of heightened self-involvement, forgot myself for a minute, stopped and marveled at them making their way to my side of the street. When they came closer I was surprised to discover two things, the dog was even uglier and more handicapped than I had imagined, both of its eyes were glossed over with a thick white film, and the beautiful little girl walking by its side was, in reality, an even more beautiful boy. The animal was obviously blind, and the boy’s hand was moving it along. He was a “guide boy” I thought, an ironic reversal of roles between a human and his dog. Having cast off all considerations for that social convention, which since early childhood instructs us not to stare, I stood there, watching them approach. They were like something out of a fairy tale or from another time, so out of place on this otherwise unremarkable Los Angeles block.

When they were about half way across the street I realized that the little boy seemed just as interested in me as I was in him. Unapologetically staring back into my face he floated towards me, right up to the point when there was no more than 3 feet of pavement left between us, at which time he stopped and shifted his eyes to the shopping bag in my hand. A bottle of cheap Vodka, prominently displayed itself against its transparent plastic containment. If it didn’t occur to me to feel self-conscious right then, the words that proceeded to come out of his tiny pink mouth turned me scarlet red.

“Drink much?” Was all he said, but those two words spoken in that little girl voice made all the blood in my body rush straight to my face.

“What?” I thought It had to have been a misunderstanding, I must have misheard him.

But he just stood there, unabashedly staring me down. It was an uncomfortable, unexpected turn of events. This child managed to go from an enchanting little fairy tale prince to an obnoxious little shit in as much time as it took him to blurt out those two words. I could tell that I really didn’t have a choice but to extricate myself from this situation. Whether he said what I thought he said, or not, getting into it with a little kid in the middle of the street wasn’t going to help matters. I had enough sense left in me to just walk away. Completely dumbfounded, I stiffly turned on my heels and started walking in the apposite direction from whence he came.

“Surreal, completely surreal” I mumbled to myself.

Despite best efforts to free my mind from the echo of that condescending little voice, it seemed to have stuck to me, as unnerving in its residual state as it was when I first heard it. But if that wasn’t enough, the bizarre duo itself turned out to have been just as persistent. When quite some time later I heard footsteps nearby and looked over my shoulder, I saw them trailing behind me, about 30 feet away. Agitated by the discovery I quickened my stride and in a few minutes checked for them again, the distance between us had not increased. Were they intentionally keeping pace? I wasn’t in any kind of a mood to be haunted by some snotty little asshole and his ugly stray. I stopped abruptly, whipped around and glared straight at them.

“Listen, Lord Fauntleroy, where are you parents? What do you think you are doing? Where are your parents?” I shouted, the sound of my own voice surprised me, it was incredibly high, like a shrill. His reaction was not at all what I expected either. Instead of looking intimidated or scared, like a child ought to look when faced with an angry, spitting adult, this boy let out the most wholehearted and boisterous laugh. He laughed! At me?

“Parents? Ha Ha Ha! Where are your parents? Do they know what you’ve been up to? Anyways, other people have business this way too, you really ought to do something about the paranoia.”

He sounded nothing like a 10 year old, and nothing like a stranger. I blinked stupidly fast, hoping that added eye lubrication would assist me in clarifying this entire conundrum, maybe I knew him from somewhere, or maybe he wasn’t a child at all but some kind of a little person. Still in front of me stood a strange small boy and a large ugly dog, and his angelic appearance did not match his insolent tongue. I found myself in exactly the same situation I was in the first time around with only one mature course of action-to leave. So once again I turned around and walked on. But he wasn’t done with me.

“And Charly, you ought to hurry, it’s about to rain.”

My eyes widened to the point of a facial spasm. The last time I felt frightened like that I was 7, my sister had put on a scary clown mask with long sharp teeth and jumped out from under my bed as I was climbing into it. I remember feeling then just like I did now, convinced that she was something otherworldly, I had taken off running out of my room screaming for help. When I heard my name, spoken so nonchalantly in that little voice by that little stranger, my feet reacted, running away with me as fast as they could, just like I did when I was 7. Thankfully I wasn’t far from my hotel so my new pace allowed me to reach it within a couple of minutes. Ducking in under its awning I stopped and leaned on the gilded front doors, trying to catch my breath. Finally I dared to look back for the first time since I set off sprinting like a mad woman. To my relief the street behind me was empty; there was no trace of the runt or his dog. I squinted and stuck my head out into the street, trying to peer out further than my sight would allow, a drop of water fell on my face, I wiped it off with the back of my hand, but one more drop fell in its place, the next thing I knew rain was pouring from the sky. As predicted.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 5: When things got weird

  1. Okay, I just went back and re-read chapter 9. You didn’t really describe the boy, Peotr, but of the dog you did write, “The animal had become as common to me as a tree, I hardly noticed his ugliness anymore.” So I missed that. I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I will attempt to be more diligent when reading future (or past) chapters.


      1. Oh come on. “Tiny doll like hand” is supposed to be enough of a clue for me to know that the boy with the ugly dog in chapter 5 is the same boy who is with a mangy dog in chapter 9? Hmm. Now that I’ve said it, yeah, it should have been enough of a clue. Oh well. If only the dog had talked in chapter 5….

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      2. “As an experienced blogger can you shed light for me on why some posts get quite a bit of attention and others none at all?” Ah, I wish I knew the secret, and if I did, I could sell it and retire. Alas, I have no clue. I’ve tried posting at every time of the day — first thing in the morning, midday, early evening, later at night — but I have not been able to discern any particular or consistent pattern of views. Sometimes my weekend posts barely register, at other times I get tons of views on weekends. So I really can’t shed any light.

        I think a lot of it has to do with your posts’ titles. You want someone to see the title of your post and be intrigued. You want them to want to link on it and see what it’s all about. And that brings us to the subject matter. It should be timely, humorous, controversial, perhaps a call to action. Ask people to express their views on the topic about which you’ve written. Choose our tags carefully and consider search words.

        For example, my most popular post, far and away, was one I wrote this past January, My First Vagina , which was a trip down memory line about the first time a girl showed me her…well, her “private parts.” It’s not that it’s such an outstanding post. It’s just that it apparently comes up a lot when people search on words like “vagina,” “penis,” or phrases like “show me your vagina” or “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” I’m sure most who link to my post through those searches are disappointed that it’s not pornographic.

        I have written other posts that I’m absolutely positive will go viral and make me a blog star. And they get few views. I’ve written other posts that I just threw together quickly and they get a lot of views. I honestly don’t have an answer.

        You are a good writer, but you’re relatively new and you’re writing a lot of fiction stories. I think that’s tough for a new blogger who hasn’t yet established a following. You might try posting things that will stimulate interest. Your vegetarian post, for example, could have been really big if you’d perhaps spiced it up a little, made it a little more controversial, more challenging. It was well-written and very rational, but not as passionate as perhaps it could have been. I thought your platitudes and platypuses was really witty. How did that one do?

        Anyway, while I’ve discovered your fiction and look forward to each new, out-of-order chapter (it’s like solving a puzzle, which is great), you might want to throw in a few more topical posts. You’re Russian. What are your thoughts on Putin and what’s going on in the Ukraine? Maybe post something informative about owning, grooming, and riding horses. How did you first get into horses? What are some funny or heartwarming or crazy experiences you’ve had with horses. I’m not a horse person, but I still enjoyed reading that post. Perhaps other horse people will get some value from what you write; will relate to your posts.

        I’m not a proponent of picking a niche and sticking with it, but if you have more knowledge about a particular topic than the average person, leverage that to gain followers. Express opinions on controversial topics: religion, abortion, politics. And, of course, read and comment on other blogger’s posts. Give them a reason to link back to yours and get to see what you’re all about.

        Okay, I haven’t said anything that you don’t already know, I’m sure. The honest truth is that you just need to find your own way. But I’m a fan and I will read your posts…even if you post a lot about horses. Hey, you’ve already got me reading about a talking dog.


        1. I super appreciate this very informative post! but i do understand what type of content, niche, focus and headlines attracts folks…i am not interested in it, i am doing this 80% for me, and i’d like to do exactly what i do, exactly how i want to Do it and just give it its best odds of catching someone’s eye, thats why i asked if there is a best time…i need like 3 more of you
          And i’m set lol! I just am
          Not at all interested in writing for a following or being a blogging superstar lol, so the moderated passion of my vegetarian post is all i care to muster.
          Platypus post got views but only cus of the picture dont you think? I do have some sex opinions on the brain, not yet formulated, lets count on a boost there Lol. Gonna go read about your first vagina!
          Today, was the first day no one followed me in like 10 days, and
          Barely anyone clicked lol! Whats a fair follow rate do you think? A week?

          Gonna title chapter 5, “my first penis” and reblog it for tomorrow lol, see how that does. Lol

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  2. Chapter 3, then chapter 9, now chapter 5. Each fascinating and engrossing in its own right. I figured out the link between chapters 3 and 9, but I’m not as astute when it comes to explaining what is going on here. I do know that the protagonist in all three chapters is the same, and she’s probably staying in a hotel after having been shocked by the deceit of her husband, Matt. Could “Little Lord Fauntleroy” and his mangy dog from this chapter, be the boy and the talking dog you introduced in chapter 9? And if so, wouldn’t she have recognized them from her earlier encounter, assuming that the events of chapter 5 occurred before those of chapter 9? Or was she so confused by the drugs and alcohol that got her to wherever she was in chapter 9 that she, herself, could not make the connection?


    1. Yaay! Engrossing?! And fascinating? You’re feeling mighty kind today!!!

      But now i am confused? Why are you confused? In chapter 3 she hadn’t met them yet. In chaper 5 above, they meet. In chapter 9, if you were in fact paying the attention, i now rely on you to pay, they are old friends, and she is not at all confused, except for witnessing the arrival of Aries, the new guy.



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