On getting had

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Right this moment, I am getting had.

Right this moment I am taking this picture, of my most noble beast stuffing her face with consolation grass. Why consolation? Today is the first day we ventured back out to the amazing Greenbelt, a jogging/biking park in the middle of the city! The journey to it, through town, is an easy 1.6 miles. We had made this journey a hundred times last year. I was pumped! Got up early, on a SATURDAY!

The second we stepped on it, she starts faking injury. Her favorite fake out is “Oy Mom, my butt hurts, oy, I must walk funny, not so funny that you make me eat yucky bute(anti-inflammatory) but funny enough so you worry.” I know this trick well, she knows me well too, however onto her I am, however eagerly I want to tear up that perfect, green grass, I am always doting Mama first. I always dismount, then she gives me that look “Oy, me so hungry, just one bite? just a taste?” and just like that, my best laid plans had gone to grass. She starts breakfasting, and I am relegated to  taking pictures and blogging about it from 10 feet away…like a fan.
Well played, mare. You win this time, but once I confirm your fakery is just that, you sly artista you, your ass will be flying up and down that grass like it’s on fire!

Update: The trickery has been confirmed! And the oscar goes to the the big bay cow, who has shown no signs of injury what so ever upon her return to the stable and during any of the following days. Sigh. Like I said, I got had!




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