On Friendship

humor, miscellaneous

The test of true friendship…Is in the bumper sticker sent to you for no other reason than a laugh.


29 thoughts on “On Friendship

                    1. i’m kinda like an old lady, i am often ailing. I have chronic migraines, a gastrointestinal nervous disorder which at times gives me asthma like symptoms and i have to take meds for a few days till it abates..i got a bad ankle…and a bad foot…periodically reinsuring, and i have a crooked upper spine, i have discomfort in there like half the time, and once it goes weird on me, it stays weird for a while…especially if i spend too much time on my computer and sleep in funny areas of the house without my special pillow. 😛 now you know it all.


                    2. Well, what you need is someone to make sure you don’t do those bad things… it’s amazing that you get to ride as you do, good on you. I doubt that I know it ‘all’ but that’s a good start. I will think good thoughts for you. Yes, for.. not of



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