Steven Bauer 57 and his 18 year old girlfriend, the world is aghast


It’s all over the news that a 57 year old is doing it with an 18 year old. That rascal Steven Bauer. Their 39 year age gap got the world in a bona fide tizzy. I might be the only person to, in a way, advocate for this relationship. Oh well. Here goes. It starts with the fact that the audacity of anyone getting involved in the personal affairs of someone else has always baffled me. I know the parallel I am about to draw might seem radical, but this smacks to my mind of the kind of judgment received by mixed race couples or gays or whomever else society deems inappropriate at the time. Why are we still trying to wrangle “Love”.

They have many reasons, all noble of course, to justify their vitriol and their blatant intrusion into these people’s lives. Mostly though they say it’s because they worry for the well being of that impressionable 18 years old, then of course there is the status quo and the impropriety. What’s the world coming to..blah blah bladi blah.

An old man dating a young girl is stomach turning, it is an affront and a perversion? Ah, well the good news is that scenario is as old as time and at least so biologically/anthropologically correct that even Darwin would first approve then blush. Why? Because Steven Bauer has stability, experience, machismo and his 18 year old love has loveliness, some form of purity I imagine, fertility and possibly daddy issues. All that negative blather is just an excuse to judge, to gossip, to make a scandal out of an oddity. The fact that people still think they have a right to comment, to create intrusive, bigoted narratives filled with disdain and suspicion on the subject of others people’s love lives, is outrageous to me. And you wonder why I dislike my species. It is being said, in not so few words, that this couple is basically disgusting, well I heard that said about gay people too, so what’s really disgusting here? People are people, they lust, connect, spend time, learn, nurture and break away…whatever their ages, races, religions, or sexual proclivities. Will there ever be a time, we climb out from under that puritan rock that’s still smashing us into primordial goop? Maybe then I’ll rename my blog “Misanthropist On The Mend”.

There is lots of talking about how they have no common ground, which is why it’s sick or exploitative even.…Well then perhaps it’s just sexual, and how many people in “conventional” relationships have common ground anyways, in fact how many people do in marriages? This is 2014, is having just a sexual relationship suddenly wrong? Are we continuing the antiquated tradition of condemning people for their sexual interests? Whatever the reason for their compatibility, they are both, quite obviously, getting something they want/need out of it. She might just be kinky like that, or damaged like that, whatever it is, she has a right to vote and bang whomever she likes. And though he is old, his attraction to her is not so much perverse as it is honest, sorry, but most 30 year olds and 40 year olds and 50 year olds and 90 years olds are wanking off to videos of “Barely legal” girls, that’s just how it goes. The man is merely living the dream. Not that it matters, but he is not exactly decrepit either.

Then there is the whole age is just a number deal. Isn’t that the mostly popular platitude of all time? Well is it just a number or isn’t it? Are 60 year olds allowed to feel like they are 25 or aren’t they? Say she is mature and he is stunted, that’s how these things usually go between men and women anyways :P. Say they feel like he is a sprightly 40 year old and she is a precocious 25 year old at their hearts, the gap has just lessened, hasn’t it.

 He is corrupting her and taking advantage of a near child? Let’s stop deluding ourselves, most 18 year olds these days are as sexually mature as we’ll never be. The internet alone has made sure of that. So I’ll wager she is not being defiled. Is the healthy alternative for her to be banging college boys her own age, hanging out at keggers, having her heart stomped all over by horny juvenile imbeciles, maybe snapping up a venereal disease or two as a special bonus. Why is that somehow better or healthier? Oh because both parties involved are equally clueless about life and love? Sound logic that is.

The other thing they say to malign this unholy union, to make a story out of it, is that surely it won’t last. News flash, most things don’t, most relationships don’t, most marriages even don’t. Doesn’t make their “relationship” any more contemptible, any less legitimate or real, certainly not to them. Doesn’t mean he isn’t gentle or loving, or that she isn’t feeling loved or appreciated. Essentially it doesn’t mean anything. The fact that we would rather think the worst of them than anything else, tells more about us than it does them.

The truth is this is all about human nature. Humans, as a species are uncomfortable with that which they cannot understand. That which deviates they view as deviant. Deviancy is bad, the word itself denotes evil. Through the ages we have tried our darnest to eradicate it. Deviants break the rules that we have worked so hard to uphold, the rules which guide us through life, and qualify our goodness, our choices, our sacrifices and our morals. In other words when something doesn’t fit into our worldview or disrupts our cozy sense of social order, we feel threatened and respond by attacking it like agitated locusts.

The men who are whining about this situation are Just Jealous, sorry it’s such a cliche, but J.J. can be blamed for about 75% of human negativity. They don’t get to live out their pervy fantasies and neither should anyone else, plus they can feel superior while bashing the guy who does. The women who complain about this situation are simply scared, because if 57 year old men could successfully carry out relationships with 18 years old girls (sexual or otherwise) then what would that mean for woman kind’s already disadvantaged lot in life. Both genders can relax, this romance is not a harbinger of things to come, it is, like I mentioned earlier, a mere oddity. Most 18 year olds wouldn’t touch a 57 year old with a 10 foot poll, except maybe to check if he is dead. Most 57 year olds wouldn’t have the gull to mix it up with an 18 year old either. So all is well in the universe, but do try not to stare.


29 thoughts on “Steven Bauer 57 and his 18 year old girlfriend, the world is aghast

  1. I generally stay out of other people’s business… and whether you are for or against this particular couple, I think nobody really should be commenting unless you are friend or family of one of them.

    That said… She is 18. In the US, we have apparently decided that until you are 21 you aren’t old enough to drink alcohol… so it’s not that hard to make the leap that IF we (as a collective nation) think 18 is too young to drink alcohol, maybe it is too young to be in a relationship with someone that much older.

    I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that he is evil or anything either… Lots of immature older people in this world… so he could easily be an immature 57 and she could be a mature 18… and if it all works out for them, great! But if it crashes and burns… she stands a greater chance of being emotionally scarred by it in a way that likely he would not.


  2. Last night I was watching a documentary on the Roosevelts by Ken Burns. Apparently, FDR’s father was so much older than his mother that at their wedding, all of her friends were weeping because they thought she was throwing her life away on this old man. And they produced one of our greatest presidents ever! That’ll show ‘em.

    Mostly, this fills me with hope. Do you mean to imply that went I get to the thin, rarified air of +50, there might be young women who still find me attractive? (Although, I think 18 is kind of creepy. Sorry.) That’s enough to make getting out of bed every morning a little less agonizing.


    1. Fascinating! Great lesson in history. Lol i don’t disagree with it being kind of creepy for sure! But yes, rise and shine with the hope that there will always be a much younger woman with daddy issues and poor sight somewhat within your grasp


  3. “The fact that people still think they have a right to comment, to create intrusive, bigoted narratives filled with disdain and suspicion on the subject of others people’s love lives, is outrageous to me.” Hey, isn’t that what most of us do, to one extent or another, on our blogs. Okay, maybe not so intrusive and bigoted, but we commenting, sometimes with disdain and suspicion, on what is going on all around us. It may not be on other people’s love lives, but it’s what we do — comment on pretty much anything and everything, from face slapping to platitudes, from religion to politics to whatever.

    That said, and for what it’s worth, I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. Would this be all over the interwebs if Steven Bauer was just an ordinary guy living in a middle-class neighborhood in some fairly large city? Maybe to a few, but there wouldn’t be any kind of uproar. It’s all because Steven Bauer is a star; he’s famous; he’s rich. That’s why there’s all this outrage. Men his age are jealous because they can’t be doin’ it with a beautiful 18-year old girl. Women are envious that this little 18-year-old is hooking up with a wealthy, famous star like Steven Bauer. Why not them, they’re wondering.

    By the way, who is Steven Bauer? I never heard of him.


          1. And before that I said, “It may not be about other people’s love lives, but that’s what we do.” I meant that we post about all kinds of things that are going on all around us. We are expressing our opinions, giving our perspectives. We are saying what is on our minds.



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