On Legacy


Words can hang round the neck like an indurate noose
Or like strands of pinned butterflies, powdery light
Struggle or not, you won’t shake them loose
They can smother a man if he tries to fight

Trying to peer ahead only adds to the strain
Blind bats still know best where their home is
So stop taxing your eyes, they won’t help you guess
What that word etched on your stone means


5 thoughts on “On Legacy

  1. Well, I hope this is not a duplicate because I thought I posted it, but it doesn’t show up. Hmm, maybe WordPress thinks I’m spam. Anyway, what I tried to post was this:

    I’m not into poetry, but I liked this. I liked the imagery. Perhaps it is also the topic, because I know how powerful words can be. And speaking about words, I did have to Google the word “indurate.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How do i
      Prevent it from
      Spamming you in the
      Future?! :((( indurate is a great word, much like obdurate :D…i am not into poetry either because most of it so bad..mine’s good though 😀 at least i craft and dont
      Just throw dowm choppy
      Sentences/words and call it artistic and meaningful…i am
      Super modest too.



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