Texas fairy




25 thoughts on “Texas fairy

            1. Sweetie, quit while you’re ahead. You’re projecting, just because you have all the makings of a sad web troll, doesn’t mean others do. Don’t make me block you. I dont mind a razz but unfounded insulting insinuations won’t fly


          1. Well, dammit, IGBG, I already told you that even the greatest baseball player can’t hit a home run every time they come to the plate. At least I stepped up to the plate, right. Don’t I get any credit for that?


                  1. Okay. That little joke of mine is best said out loud, rather than being read. So say aloud, “Do you know how to make a hormone?” Then the punch line will make sense.

                    Okay, so you don’t like baseball, huh? How about football? A touchdown? A fumble? An interception? Mean anything to you?



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