Further archival revival…




32 thoughts on “Further archival revival…

  1. Was your father Dr. Seuss? Let’s see, if you’re around 30 now, you would have been around 16 in “circa 2002.” Yup, somewhere just north of Dr. Seuss age, transitioning into young womanhood. Kind of fascinating.

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    1. Hmm how i wish i WAS fascinating and shhhh quit giving away the lady’s age. I did a lot of artsy stuff in my teens and early 20’s, then i kinda stopped, i think it’s cus although i liked the product well enough it wasn’t ever as good as i envisioned it would whence starting out. When i draw or paint (once every few years) i still only do that kind of stuff, fairies, cartoons, illustratioms, my artistic leanings have undergone no growth, akin to some other parts of me. That Tinkerbelle portrait & battlegirl i posted a little while back is most recent stuff, you can see it’s all the same


      1. It’s pretty damn good stuff, quite imaginative, in my humble opinion. But yes, I can see where you sort of got stuck. Maybe a little less Dr. Seuss in your more recent stuff, but not Erte either, which is where I could have envisioned you evolving to if you just let go of your fairy wings. 🙂


        1. Lol never, without wings fairies can’t survive, dont you know anything.
          And recent is just as seussy those drawings just had a diff. subject matter, in all fairness though none are anything like Seuss but i know what you meant. Mark ryden, james jean, rob williams are most my bag, had i the skill i’d be more in that vein


          1. I had to Google Mark Ryden, James Jean, and Rob Williams. Yeah, I suppose I can see where they are more your bag. I think I prefer Erte. But you know, I’m a whole generation or two ahead of you.


              1. Erte was, in fact, an artist and designer from the Art Deco era who did fashion and costume design for the movies and elsewhere. He’s a fav of my wife and we have a few large works by Erte hanging in our condo. I lean more toward M.C. Escher, as you might have been able to tell from my Gravatar.

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