PSA: Keep eyes on the road.


I am hurting, but am fine, as are others.






39 thoughts on “PSA: Keep eyes on the road.

    1. You’re right Dooby, i just kind of got stuck post accident, it made me feel like i should write about meaningful things but that well seems wuite dry. I think i have something to contribute about Kim K’s bum though, so i gotta get to it!
      Much obliged for the much needed nudge

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    1. Aww thats nice! I am ok! I’ve been a but down for no too obvious a reason so taking an internet hiatus, but other than that i am ok, i have a bad sprain in my chest still buggin me, could be a small fracture, but other than that i be damn lucky. Thank you ever so much for inquiring 😀

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  1. Oh ouch! And it’s a Porsche, too. Or it was. It looks like it may be totaled. But it’s good that you’re okay, albeit slightly hobbled. Please do provide the story behind all those tennis balls. Also, how did this happen? No doubt, since it was the front of your car that was damaged, some joker was driving along the freeway in reverse, right? And he backed up right into you. The bastard!

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    1. I know, THAT BASTARD. I used to play pro now i still coach a few choice clients, so there is a hopped in the back of my car and it flew forward. It is totaled yes. I honestly don’t know, I just got distracted i guess, i was trying ot see the signs ahead on the right and i was on the inside lane, i realized i had to get over to the right and was too busy looking over to the right to see that the lane i was in got backed up for a second, it was the only one that got backed up so all the traffic around me gave me the illusion that everything was hunky dory, i just flew into it, i didn’t even have time to break or anything, i knew it was happening when it was already happening, it’s quite terrifying for sure. It’s like why couldn’t that asshole just get out of my way, right? I might be able to glean some meaningful posting material out of this…silver lining as they say


      1. Well, at least you weren’t texting at the time, right? Right? Hey, it happens. I was once at a stop sign and the guy in front of me stopped, as I did behind him. I looked both ways and there were no oncoming cars from either direction in sight and the guy in front of me started to pull out. So did I. But for no fathomable reason, he stopped. There were no cars coming, but he decided to stop. I was still looking to my right and to my left, assuming he had proceeded through the intersection. But he hadn’t. And I rear-ended him (vehicularly speaking, that is). There was virtually no damage to his car, but my Datsun 240Z had its nose severely broken. It wasn’t a total loss, but close to it.

        Anyway, yes, there is plenty of fodder for future posts. Like you being a tennis pro.



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