Hmm, most blogs I am reading these days are terminally boring..dull…tedious even…unbearably drab. I mean so BORING. Maybe, quiet possibly my blog is also very boring to others, but it’s not to me, and this gripe is all about what’s boring to me. Step it up people. Get it done. Give me 1, just 1 post that I, of my own free will, can read to completion, extra points if it gives me something to think about for some short period after.🤪


50 thoughts on “BORING

  1. Boring can be my fault… it can be your fault…. it can be nobody’s fault. Sometimes truth is just truth.

    Not everything I write is a winner… even if I think it is. Sometimes things I write that I don’t like are things that others like most. Sometimes I am brilliant but everyone is on vacation so no one sees how brilliant I was in that moment… and the moment passes… and it is no longer brilliant out of context.

    The world is complex. I often don’t identify with blogs… even blogs that I sometimes identify with I don’t always connect… so I usually only jump in if I have something I think is worth communicating… or I think of something absurdly silly. 🙂

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      1. I freely admit that your blog is much like life… I find myself at times feeling like an alien sent to observe how people interact and I am taking notes but the concepts and activities are beyond my species’ capacity to understand or communicate conceptually with others… and I am aware the limitation is my own, but my alien brain is not capable of bridging the gaps… so I stay in the shadows and take notes.


          1. I am the alien… everything I observe is strange to me. Whether you think you are normal or strange, as an alien it is all strange to me. Sometimes I see things I recognize from my planet, and I identify with those… but most of the rest of the world confuses me but I take notes so that I can learn to adapt to my surroundings.

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        1. Don’t be stupid. There is no irony if i point out that the boringness of my blog is besides the point, which i did, but even if it is boring to you, you rank as the person who has commented THE MOST on my blogs, you must just a boredom seeking missile. Irony my ass.


  2. Hmm, just curious as to what type of things you after looking for and what specifically about the posts you find most boring? I’m positive mine aren’t all that but I’m also a Newbie”


            1. Maybe so, but at the expense of beauty and finesse, reading is not just an act of distilling thought down to meaning, its making thought alive..”a torch light procession” as someone pointed out to me recently, invoking a Tolstoy quote on writing.


                1. You’re obviously a very nice person, you can speak freely always here, without having to qualify your contributions as opinions. It is granted that this is what they are. As is everything i say just my opinion. I’m a critical enough writer and very critical reader and i cannot second your amiable view on writing. Command of language is an elemental part of “good” writing, if you do not possess it, develop it, usually it can be developed through quality reading and if need be classes. Writing is as much a craft as dancing, if you care to be objectively decent then you will identify your weaknesses and work to improve upon them, without weighing against them your perceptible strengths, which is what you seem To be doing.

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                  1. ” if you do not possess it, develop it” ~ You hit the nail on the head with that, in fact the entire reason I even created a blog as well as why I’ve been playing a lot of word games lately is, in fact, for the purpose of developing a better vocabulary and writing style. As far as my views on writing in general of course we don’t need to agree as I understand your point of view and you seem to understand (just not agree with) mine. So that is a point where it pretty much comes down to personal tastes

                    I do also try to identify my weaknesses and again that’s one reason i’m even here. My vocabulary is pitiful, and my own knowledge and command of the language is sparse, which is frustrating since I was at one point a literary major. Life happens and I am not now as I once was, although I do try to fix it.

                    Just a little aside, I do enjoy your blog and I do look forward to reading more from you. Who knows perhaps your style, etiquette and stories will inspire me. I just wanted to let you know where I stood


                  1. I understand which is why I stopped myself from responding as though you did.

                    I also appreciate this little back and forth, we obviously don’t agree but at least we can discuss it like adults. I haven’t experienced that in quite a while.

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                    1. I really wish I was able to edit. Why do you assume my discussions aren’t rational and/or mature? Is vocabulary and use of the English language really that much of a measuring stick for you in regards to intelligence? Help me understand why you have, in no certain words, called my stupid a couple times now based on what? My current writing skills?


  3. Excuse me? Boring? You find my posts boring? You apparently haven’t read my blog much lately. I think your car accident messed with your head, young lady.

    You need to revise your opening sentence to this:

    “Hmm, most blogs I am reading these days are terminally boring..dull…tedious even…unbearably drab…except of course, those written by Doobster over at Mindful Digressions. His is the one bright spot shining in the otherwise drab din of blogs in the blogosphere.”

    Yeah, I think that will work.

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