I’m sick & I hate it


My fingers being blue is not a symptom of my ailment, don’t worry, I messed around with ink earlier. Although, as an athlete and a migraine sufferer I am used to counteracting pains, I always think that and act like I am impervious to the ruinous machinations of microbes. I am also under the dubious delusion that a lifetime of not washing my hands has developed in me a superior system of defense, impenetrable by commonplace germs. So once in a while, when they get me, it’s a real shock and a blow to my confidence. Although I had been pretty sick for a while, in true spartan custom I refused to break from my somewhat active routine. Two days ago I even took my steed out for a brisk 3 hour hack through the greenway park, pushing us both to pleasant exhaustion. Apparently, contrary to the saying, a canter does not cure all evils, as I had been laid up ever since. Miserably laid up with a fever and well beyond the protests of my stubborn will. Decidedly I am under siege. This is a hostile invasion and a violation, germs, and I demand thee to vacate the premises immediately..or else.



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