Electric Daisy Carnival- Mexico-I think I missed the drugs 💊💉🔮


Let me jump to the conclusion first, so if you are not interested in the details and personal reflections I am going to serve up in one enormous run on sentence to follow, then you’ll still get the info you’re looking for having to read only like 15 seconds beyond this point. EDC Mexico is a world class festival that exceeded my expectation completely, and I am a tough customer. This isn’t one of these poultry regional festivals being shilled online by some blogger as having special lineups or vibes to make up for lack of scope or production, no this thing is a verifiable monster on every level. The sheer scope of it compares only to other giants like EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Music Festival. It’s worth traveling to from anywhere in the world and it presents with a mini world of its own. Insomniac kills it here in Mexico City, and to think it’s still just a baby of 5 tender years! 🤯🤯🤯.

Circuit Grounds – Rezz

Now that that’s over with, I am gonna give you all the deets and the how 2s and the what nots. There is plenty here that I learned the hard way, so hopefully it will help someone next year have an easier time.

Some basic info first. 2018 EDC Mexico sold out. There were no reports about attendance available online and I heard it was touted as a festuval of 100k people but I find it hard to believe because it feels exactly as big as EDC Las Vegas which exceeds 400k in attendance over its three day span. EDC Mexico is only two days though, so maybe that’s why. Suffice it to say it’s huge. The line up is as good as it gets, consisting of big names as well as “now” names in equal measure. My favorite sets were brought by Rezz, Illenium and Marshmello, I heard that Above & Beyond, Deadmau5 and Virtual Riot really brought the house down as well, amongst countless others. Unlike EDC Las Vegas it runs till 2 am, but in every other respect it’s just like EDC Las Vegas. Stages are huge, grounds are expansive, build outs are impressive and the whole thing is utterly lit. The attendees are mostly young Latin Americans, I did meet some people from all over, but don’t expect that international vibe you get from Tomorrowland or the likes, this thing is growing but it’s still servicing primarily its geographic region.

Art car


What’s unique about EDC Mexico is the $$$ value. Conversely to its Las Vegas & Miami counterparts, tickets are cheap. VIP ticket to EDC Las Vegas is 800$ after fees, VIP ticket to UlTRA is 1600$ (I kid you not), add to that surging hotel rates (at least 200$ a night) plus VIP shuttles – 200$, plus flights and you are out thousands of dollars for that one, admittedly epic, weekend. VIP tickets to EDC Mexico are about 200 usd after fees. You can’t beat that. Flights can be very inexpensive too and it’s a mere 3–4 hr duration from California, which is comparable to flying to Vegas from many areas in the u.s.. Hotels can be cheap in Mexico City as well, we booked rooms in Polonco area for under 100$ a night all fees included. Polanco is one of the few areas in Mexico City that’s considered upscale and “safe” for tourists. Food in Mexico can be very cheap as well. And transportation to venue offered by the festival is cheap too. Shuttles will pick up from designated hotels and the passes are about 22$ for both days. Uber in Mexico City is very very cheap, most rides are 2–3$ and the ride to the venue from just about anywhere is about 15$. Now traffic is a different story, it’s intense, so prepare yourself, you’ll spend 30 minutes going two miles during busy times. One night we decided to forgo shuttles because we were essentially taking too long to get ready, and we got an Uber to the venue, no problem. We had a very hard time finding 1 of the two entrances, but eventually after driving around the venue we located it. It’s definitively not anything with proper signage which is unfortunate, and asking the literally hundreds of federales stationed around the perimeter of venue is a fruitless endeavor, they are clearly only responsible for the 10 square feet they occupy and have little idea as to anything else.


On the subject of federales. The presence of police at the event is pretty insane, besides being scattered everywhere they also huddle in small armies all around the grounds. There are a lot of police corruption stories you hear about in that area of the world, and out in the streets you do want to be careful and hyper vigilant, however at the event their armed and menacing presence feels very good. If a cartel takeover was to occur I think the gun fight would be formidable, and if you survive, you’ll be interviewed on big talk shows and the likes for sure. Just kidding. Not really though. There are lots of cops in Polonco as well, but just remember, cops are often bought off by criminal organizations & complicit in local kidnappings, so don’t be flashy, don’t be alone, use common sense, avoid trouble and discord. Also, it has to be mentioned that Uber has encountered a lot of problems in Mexico City as well, having been involved in some kidnappings and rapes. It was almost shut down by the government. So once again, just be aware, check that your driver has done many rides, send a snapshot of every driver’s profile to your friends and pay attention that he follows the designated ride route. I’ll say that all of them take terrible profile pictures and, if looks were any indication, they would appear to be hardened criminals. However, every single driver I had was very lovely, with thousands of rides under his belt. So just, ya know, keep your peepers open and get ready to jump out, tuck & roll lol.

Federales huddling


As for costumes and booty. Yes people do dress up, but not as enthusiastically as they do in Vegas. The rave culture is young here and the general climate of the region is conservative, so you’ll see a lot of black shorts and tanks, flowery headbands and bootleg edc hats. Don’t get me wrong though, there will be costumes too and a little booty here & there, just not that much. And no, no one will think you are weird if you dress up, but the joy of it for me just wasn’t really there. I wore animal ears and glitter with my blue hair and that was enough to make people want to take pictures with me like I was a rave mascot. So you get the picture.

#ravegirls 😂


The other thing that’s different is you’ll find that a lot more people are drinking as apposed to hanging with Molly. So there is a palpable difference to the vibes. There’s plenty happiness and joy sure, but for me, & I hate to admit it, some of the magic was kinda missing because the crowds, large as they were, didn’t really feel very interconnected for whatever reason. This is not a constructive observation, just a personal one. I think I did lack that chemically induced love vibe that fills edm festivals in the States, those infectious and connective vibrations. There is something in the way people receive the music when in that condition too, that is decidedly more unified.

Kinetic field – Marshmello #mellogang


As I wrote these last two paragraphs I realized that something was missing for me at EDC Mexico, it’s that renegade spirit of weirdness that EDM festivals in the States are all about, the counter culture, the rebellion. People don’t get weird in Mexico like they do at say EDC LV, they don’t dress up as much, they don’t let their butts irreverently hang out, they don’t partake in illicit hallucinogenic or love inducing drugs, they just don’t get as weird you know. I think this festival is probably best attended with a trusty gang of weirdos, so you can generate all the weirdness you need amongst your own selves.

Kinetic Field – Boombox Cartel

In conclusion, and to reiterate my earlier recommendation. EDC Mexico is a world class festival, the line ups, the stages, the build outs are dazzling. The general quality of the event is as good as you can hope for, and better, the $$$ value is a real draw as well. The vibes and the culture do have a ways to go & grow, but this can be expected since EDC Mexico is the only event of its kind in the region and it’s a mere infant of 5 tender years. This event won’t likely be an annual devotion for me like EDC Las Vegas is, but I’ll come back and visit it from time to time and on big anniversaries, it’s going down in my book as a winner! Thank you, Insomniac!


On Pride


Featured Image: Jeanne Manford marching with her son during the 1972 New York City Pride Parade.

I can’t say I feel proud that progress has finally been made in my country this week, though, admittedly, i am overjoyed. The fact that the federal decision to legalize gay marriage was not a landslide, that it passed by 1 measly vote, leaves me slightly bitter too. It is in bad tone though I suppose to harp on the circumstances of a clear win. 

I am not proud, I am however satisfied. Humanity, miserable as it might be en masse, does exhibit a kind of optimistic tenacity in its glacially paced bid towards progress. 

if i were gay, i’d marry this one 🙂 🙂 🙂

Part 1//Why having horses is nothing like having dogs


I’ve been super sick, so i don’t aim to organize this well and my point is liable to get lost here or there. But, as per my usual, I promise to get wherever it is that I am going.

It is hard to describe what love of a horse is to those who do not have/ride their own horses (pats self on back). One of the most common misconceptions is that the relationships equestrians have with their horses are akin to those people have with their pets. Ages ago, when I didn’t know better and made the occasional error of gushing or worrying out loud about Ryllin to non-riders, I found, much to my chagrin, that they tended to relate my feelings to their experiences with their dogs. It became clear to me then that non-horse people really are not able to understand what I am talking about. Horses are nothing like dogs, keeping them is nothing like keeping dogs, loving them is nothing like loving dogs, they offer more, they take more, they make you a million times more crazy. The real distinction between the relationships arises when it comes to horses that are really being used, the more rigorous the riding/sport the more involved and complicated the relationship tends to be. But I’ll espouse on that in Part 2.

The financial investment alone is a hundredfold. Combined with the time investment, which is so significant that for most of us it leaves little to no room for any other hobbies, horse ownership/equestrianism is elevated to the classification of a full on lifestyle. This is also one of the chief reasons many horse people are completely off their rocker. What horses offer their riders is also markedly different from the offerings of dogs, but that portion of the lesson will be delivered in careful detail come Part 2.

For now, and with all that being said, I want to focus strictly on physiological issues which separate horses from everything else pet-like, and how those issues affect the hapless humans endeavoring to manage them. Unlike dogs, horses are dishearteningly fragile. Most people don’t realize that horses can drop dead on a dime. It would seem that these animals had never quite acclimated, evolutionarily speaking, to domestication, and, despite their imposing dimensions, are utterly frail. Their bodies can be potentially riddled with a slew of debilitating conditions, many of which, if gone unnoticed or not properly addressed, easily turn deadly. The two most common sources of horse fatality are their guts and their feet. Horse feet are complex structures, somewhat poorly designed to withstand the rigors of supporting over 1000 lbs, especially when that 1000 pounds is hurling itself over obstacles or performing complex aerial maneuvers. The saying goes “No foot, no horse”, and it is quite literal, a bad foot means at best, a lame horse, and at worst, a dead horse. Lots of care goes into maintaining healthy feet on a horse, from shoeings and trimmings, to supplements, dressings and careful selection of footing. A foot can go bad in a day, dietary issues, bad shoeing, genetic issues, weather issues, ground conditions, stall conditions, etc. all can cause deadly foot disorders and diseases. You might say, what’s the big deal, one foot goes bad, there are three more. Be assured, a horse needs all four of its tiny feet to equally distribute its enormous weight, one foot gone, means the other three will go shortly thereafter, as they cannot take the horse’s weight in perpetuity. And no, horses can’t just lie around while it gets better, like dogs. A horse’s weight and intricate circulation/nervous systems prevent it from being able to lie down for long without dying. I kid you not, a laid up horse will basically crush itself from the inside, its organs will go out one after another under its own weight causing permanent damage to its nervous system and eventual death. So not only can a horse with a compromised foot not be ridden but often, the degeneration of the hoof structures is so severe that it has to be put down. A sport horse, who becomes too lame to be ridden, is a tragedy in itself, as the amount of work, time and feeling that goes into creating an effective riding partnership between horse and rider is massive, but when said horse has to also be put down, the dimension of loss is on another level.

Second most common and sudden horse killer, that all horse people live in constant fear off, is colic. Again, seems innocuous enough right? I mean who hasn’t had a little colic, a bit of constipation here and there, some gas? Well, if you’re a horse, the word colic carries with it weight equal to that of words like cancer or apocalypse. In short, due to the unique anatomy of equine stomachs and intestines, indigestion kills. Kills suddenly and mercilessly. So there is that. It’s definitely nothing like when a dog gets upset stomach and barfs all over your favorite duvet. Not only is a horse physically unable to regurgitate its food btw, i.e. throw up, but as I had mentioned earlier, it can’t even rest it off on its back, since even laying down for too long is deadly to horses.

Another thing to mention is that unlike dogs, horses cannot breathe through their mouths, so when they have a cold, or an allergy, they can easily suffocate and, again, die. For the same reason horses often croak from simple choking.

With these few example, I am trying to illustrate why dog owners have no comprehension of what goes into horse ownership. No one really understands what it’s like to be dealing with a horse health problem, how all consuming and exhausting it can be, except for horse people of course. And this is just one dimension of horse ownership, the highly redacted physiological one. It is also why horse love is nothing like dog love. The more attention and worry something requires, never you mind money, the more significant the place it occupies in our worlds. Just from the perspective of wellness, horses are infinitely more complex and demanding than dogs. After spending years worrying and obsessing about every cough and every limp, the feeling we develop for our equine partners is infinitely deeper and more involved than the fuzzy uncomplicated affections we feel towards our sweet canine companions. It’s just simple math. Involvement and investment is commonly proportionate to attachment and meaning. The harder we work at something, the more we value the product of our labor. In the case of horse ownership and equestrianism, a live, sound horse is the product.

—–>Part 2// Why Horse love is nothing like dog love // The partnership, the sweat, the guts, the glory.

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When they get you, they really get you


Though I have many easy enough days volunteering at the shelter, there are hard ones as well.

Luckily for me, I am not the kind of person who greatly loves all dogs. I feel deep compassion for all of them, but otherwise I am almost as dog selective as I am people selective. Furthermore in an effort to steel myself against attachments I do my best not to get to know the animals. I have to remain stoic in order to be able to help them, the alternative would be completely falling apart. I fully expect that at some point in my life I will crack and dabble in animal hoarding, there will be an intervention of some kind, it’ll probably make it onto the news. Local woman on the run from authorities with her 100+ dogs in tow, armed with biscuits and not at all dangerous. Anyways….

During my volunteer hours I usually concentrate on getting out as many dogs as possible, I am all about efficiency. Once in a while though, it can’t be helped, I get caught inside a quiet moment in the shade of a tree with an animal who puts its head in my lap as if it belongs there, as if we are the oldest of friends. 

  He lays there quietly, listening to the earth like he speaks her language. He stares up at the sky, takes deep breaths of the grass, he is young, but he won’t waste his energy on spastic antics, no, he wants to take the world in best he can, while he can, he knows he might not be long for it. He leans into my hands, but does not coax their movement, my fingers press gently into his coat. He seems calm, but his heart is beating fast, I think from joy. I have to bring him back to his cage. Eyes close then open slowly to look at mine, then close again. By the next time he opens his eyes I am completely wrecked. That dog destroyed me for the duration of this entire day. I cried over him, I cried after him, I cried during dinner and I am crying now, as I write.

Update **** He’ll never be alone again. FullSizeRender copy 5

A kind of rewrite // The desert & her rain

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Photo: personal

The rain is falling. The melody of his decent permeates everything around. He pours down hard, with urgency, spilling into the earth, diving towards the ground, as if the two of them were epic lovers reunited after long separation. Long it has been. The desert has not seen her rain all summer, but there was another suitor. The sun has courted her without relief. At first he brought her light, then warmth, at last he gave her heat, then only grief, for he was not the one she yearned for. Scorned was the sun and scorching was his fury. Deaf to her pleas, he burned her flesh and did not spare her beauty. His final gift to her was death. Critters, birds, frogs scattered across her plains, all dead, bitter reminders of all that is unrequited in this world, all that we dread.

When earlier tonight the air grew still and thick, I knew rain had come back to her and readied for a flood. For hours nothing stirred. There was no wind or movement in the night, even the stars had hushed their glow while all the rest laid low in quiet anticipation.

At last he had arrived. He swept her up into his arms, as if no time had passed between them. He spilled across her body with abandon, covering every inch of her and leaving none exposed. He told her of his love and of his sadness, begged she forgive his absence, eased her pain, then pulled her back to life and clear of madness. He kissed her face, caressed her skin, nourished her wounds and wiped away the death, then he made promises again he would not keep and hushed her with the sweetness of his breath.